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Sunday, 4 January 2009


The British government is consulting the public on where to site ten new "ecotowns"

Have your say: these are my ideas:

must be trail-blazers, not ghettos! We must think before using any old tract of disused land!

The siting and design of ecotowns should aim to provide:

- Appropriate employment for residents--especially "green" industries--to minimise commuting;

- Good public transport links with the outside, e.g. new stops on main rail networks and/or fast bus/tram links with existing cities;

- Help to improve energy efficiency for people in nearby towns & cities--by means of demonstrations, advice, colleges, apprenticeships, etc.

- As well as low-energy buildings, efficient transport systems, renewable energy, waste minimisation, ...

So use green fields if it improves the geography of human habitation! - but don't compromise areas of outstanding natural beauty or agricultural productivity... And also make the ecotown visually attractive and provide residents easy access to allotments!

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